An Alert to Women about Heart Disease

Take It To Heart™ is the only  local, grassroots 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been active on behalf of women’s heart health in Jacksonville, Florida since 2006.   We are very proud that we are working here in  our community on behalf of our sister Jacksonvillians to provide free and open to the public heart risk factors screenings, onsite consultations with medical personnel, printed information, visual presentations, panels, talk shows, exhibitions, referrals and yes,  some 911 calls for transportation to the hospital for immediate intervention in a looming cardiac crisis.  Those of us at Take It To Heart  live in Jacksonville.  We work in Jacksonville.  We have raised our families in Jacksonville.  You won’t see us raising money in Jacksonville just  to send those funds out of town; when we  raise money for our cause,  we spend it in Jacksonville putting it right back into our community where it can do a lot  of good.


This website has been created to be informative, supportive, and pursue improved healthcare for all.