An Alert to Women about Heart Disease

Change Eating Behavior…..

Weight management is tough but there are ways to cope with the difficulties. It takes behavioral changes, little modifications at a time.

At the first sense of smell or the sight of food, the brain and stomach begin working together. The notion, “Hmmm, I feel hungry,” may pop in your imagination. Once a meal is consumed the stomach’s digestive process sends a signal to the brain stating “I’m full”.

This process takes about 20 minutes. During this transition, most feel unsatisfied with the amount of food, or the little voice, “I am still a little hungry,” appears. We eat, become over stuffed and our digestive system becomes overloaded and sluggish. We lose energy and feel tired, fatigued, and often are unable to work off the higher calories attributed to our meals.

The Change…..

By introducing smaller meals throughout the day, we seem less hungry and can work off excess calories if we do certain things.

In eating 5-6 mini meals a day, our mind finds gratification and the stomach is never craving for the next meal. By distributing nutritional content throughout the day, this becomes a more sensible way of changing behaviors in becoming heart healthy.

Review further for nutritional tips.

The Power of Citrus….

Did you know that the inner “white” skin of an orange or grapefruit is beneficial?

Pectin has wonderful cholesterol lowering  properties, as well as, high in vitamin C. Currently under research are d-glucarate and flavones within pectin which may have benefits in the reduction of cancer and inflammation.

Other healing properties and treatments associated with oranges are:

Cough                    Skin Conditions
Colds                     Water Retention
Diarrhea               Nervous Conditions


The beginning of your workday is the most important. It starts with a small breakfast. Grains, fruits, oatmeal, eggs, milk, and juices. Incorporate any options but eat sensibly and don’t leave the house without breakfast.

Breakfast starts the metabolism going. A small start will energize you bright and early and put pep in your step until that next small snack before lunch.

Don’t forget the power of water and hydration.


Scientists have linked the consuming cranberries to stroke protection.
During research at the University of  Mass at Dartmouth, berries decrease oxidation damage in stroke patients.

Pass the Omega-3’s

These fatty acids are one of life’s miracle solutions.
Research has shown people who consume fish or Omega-3 fatty acids decrease morbity rates from heart disease and improve chances in reducing heart disease risk.

The Japanese have one of the lowers heart disease rates in the world due to their eating habits.