An Alert to Women about Heart Disease

Moderate Exercise can cut the rate of Metabolic Syndrome

Heartbreak Depression;

Younger women who suffer depression or have been diagnosed with depressive disorders often have what is known as metabolic syndrome. Known as syndrome X, metabolic syndrome is associated with being overweight or obese with cardiovascular risk factors.

Metabolic syndrome includes three of five risk factors such as, an excess waistline/belly area,  High LDL “Bad Cholesterol”, high triglyceride level, high blood pressure episodes, and  above average glucose. Current estimates suggest 47 million Americans have Syndrome X.

A study derived from the Center for the Advancement of Health, noted women with metabolic syndrome have a high rate of high blood pressure and depression. Specifics stated most depressed women often will smoke, are less active, consume unhealthy foods with high carbohydrates, and consume alcohol.

Depression is associated with the poor regulation of hormone levels, white blood cell counts, and heart rates. White blood cells help fight infections. Nonetheless, women with signs of depression take less care of themselves by decreasing the use of medications and physician appointments when they are feeling ill.