An Alert to Women about Heart Disease

Take It To Heart  Review questions and Quiz



Let’s see what you know.  Answer the following questions True or False:

1.  Survival rates for heart attacks have gotten better over time?


2.  The disease process for heart arteries is generally the same for both men and women?


3.  If you have a family history of heart disease, you are destined to develop heart disease?


4.  Women typically don’t have symptoms prior to a heart attack?


5.  Five times more women die of heart attacks than breast cancer each year?


6.  Cigarette smoking adds risk to dying from heart disease?


7.  Women with diabetes have a higher risk of heart attacks?


8.  Men die more often from their first heart attack than women?


9.  In the first year following a survival of a heart attack, more women will die than men?


10. Over  forty-two million women have some form of heart disease?



Answer Key: (1) True  (2) False (3) False  (4) False (5) True (6) True (7) True (8) False (9) True (10) True


❤ It may be possible to reduce your risk of heart disease by up to about 70% when you adopt heart heathy lifestyle choices!❤


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