An Alert to Women about Heart Disease

 Take It To Heart™ Challenge

Instructions and Introduction

Welcome! We are so pleased that  you are interested in The Challenge™ from Take It To Heart™ to learn more about heart disease.  We are excited that you are ready to take the steps to control your heart health and reduce your risks of dying from cardiovascular disease.   The Challenge™ is an innovative four-step program that can lead to a heart heathy life.   The Challenge™ includes an informational pamphlet, a risk factors worksheet, tips to quit smoking, a guide to moderate exercise and a free gift (while supplies last) that you can pick up at any local Walgreens!

1) Learn the symptoms:  Step #1 of  The Challenge™ is to learn about heart disease and the symptoms unique to women.  In your package, you will receive a pamphlet that will have detailed information about heart disease in women, plus the differences of this disease between men and women.  This will help educate you about symptoms that you may not have known are related to heart disease.

2) Know your risk factors:  Step #2 of  The Challenge™ is to find out your personal risk of heart disease.  Your package includes a risk factors worksheet.  If you know the answers to the questions, you will know your risk.   If you do not know some of the answers such as whether you are diabetic or if you have elevated cholesterol then you need to see a doctor or attend one of our free Take It To Heart™  screening events.

3) Stop Smoking:  Step #3 of  The Challenge™ is to stop smoking.  Your package includes tips and suggestions about the best ways to break the smoking habit.  This is no easy task but a very important one when trying to reduce your cardiovascular risks.  We KNOW you can do this…desire is the beginning of success and you have shown your desire by signing up to take The Challenge™.

4) Begin moderate exercise:  Step #4 of The Challenge™ is to begin a moderate exercise program.  Your registration in person at one of our screening events entitles you to a free pedometer (while supplies last).  There is no better way to begin this than by starting a walking program. (If you have health issues, you will need to be cleared by your physician)  The goal is to exercise moderately 30 minutes a day.  The pedometer will help you keep track of your progress.  Start off  with ‘easy walking’ which is a pace less than 3.5 mph.  You want to build up to 30 minutes per day and as you get in better shape,  your pace and number of steps will increase.

Sign up by clicking the button below or register in person at your local Walgreens to get your Take It To Heart™ informational package.

We are here to help you succeed with The Challenge™.  We want you to get excited and pass the word to a loved one to join you in achieving a heart healthy life.  Join our chat room to share tips and ideas that have worked for you and learn helpful hints from others.  Visit the website often for new information. Check out our calendar for Take It To Heart™ for upcoming events and come join us in person!  Hope to see you soon!

The Challenge™ is designed to motivate you to take control and help you live a heart healthy life.